Ducks and Lions: Trauma Sensitive Resources, LLC
Dr. Melissa W. Sadin, EdD, MAT, MEd 
Developmental Trauma Expert and Education Consultant

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Professional Development and Training
Parent Services
Special Education / 504 Services
 One-hour overview of the prevalence of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and a summary of the neuro-developmental impact of trauma on children. 

Half-day session - An introduction to the prevalence of trauma in schools, ACES, and the neuro-developmental impact of trauma on learning and behavior in schools. 

Full Day In-Service - Participants will understand the prevalence of trauma in schools, understand the impact of ACES on children, and recognize their own ACE score and their responses to triggers. A detailed explanation of the neurobiology of trauma and the impact of trauma on attachment will also be provided. Participants will leave with an understanding of the impact of trauma on learning and behavior and have some proven specific classroom strategies for creating a trauma-informed classroom. 

Two Full Day Workshop - Participants will build on the information provided on 
Day 1. Teachers and administrators will experience a deep dive into the impact of learning on executive function. Participants will identify specific and successful instructional strategies that support academic progress for children with trauma and ALL children. In addition, participants will recognize school-wide trauma-informed processes and procedures. Integration into the RTI framework and PBIS is also provided upon request. 

 Ongoing Consultation via on site visits and online check-ins.
Training provided for individual parents or parent groups including adoption support groups, special education advisory groups, or community groups.

Support provided before, during and after development of IEPs and 504 plans.  IEP plan and 504 plan review is also available.
Together we can improve learning and behavioral outcomes for children with developmental trauma and special education needs.
The TIBA is a data driven behavior response system.  This research and evidence-based program involves collection of baseline data, implementation of a trauma-informed response system, and follow-up reports. 
We are available to observe students for schools looking to reduce behaviors of individual students that are interfering with learning or are unsafe.
We also support parents who have children whose behavior is not improving with school initiated strategies.
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Trauma-Informed Behavior Assessment (TIBA)