Ducks and Lions: Trauma Sensitive Resources, LLC
Dr. Melissa W. Sadin, EdD, MAT, MEd 
Developmental Trauma Expert and Education Consultant

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​Developmental Trauma is an American Epidemic effecting more than 50% of America's children. Teachers and Administrators must develop trauma sensitive instructional programs and climates to help heal the devastating neurobiological impact of trauma and improve academic and behavioral outcomes.
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While children with attachment or developmental trauma might look like other children, and even demonstrate behaviors teachers have seen before in their classroom, they are not the same as other children. Children with attachment trauma walk like ducks and talk like ducks, but they are actually lions.  
How we can help create trauma sensitive homes, classrooms, schools, and communities.
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Trauma-Informed Schools Mini-Conference
Bridgewater, NJ
Trauma-Informed Behavior Assessment (TIBA)
Professional development opportunities can be provided for teachers, child study teams, administrators, after school programs, and community members.  Training can be in person or online.

On-going consultation in schools is also available.
Administration of a Trauma-Informed Behavioral Assessment (TIBA) - observations, teacher consultation, and written report included.
Professional Development
Parent Services
Training provided for individual parents or parent groups including adoption support groups, special education advisory groups, or community groups.

Special Education / 504 Services
Support provided before, during and after development of trauma-informed IEPs and 504 plans.  IEP plan and 504 plan review is also available.
ONE Full Day of training on creating Trauma-informed classrooms and schools with Dr. Sadin.

Registration is FREE
to all educators working in Somerset County, NJ​

Location: Somerset County Educational Services Commission
7 Finderne Ave
Bridgewater, NJ 08876

(Breakfast will be served.
Lunch is on your own. There are many
Convenient places to eat near-by)
October 11, 2018
COMING IN 2019!!!!
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for more information and to register.