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Melissa W. Sadin, EdD, MAT, MEd
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​Developmental Trauma is an American Epidemic effecting more than 50% of America's children. Teachers and Administrators must develop trauma sensitive instructional programs and climates to help heal the devastating neurobiological impact of trauma and improve academic and behavioral outcomes.
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While children with attachment or developmental trauma might look like other children, and even demonstrate behaviors teachers have seen before in their classroom, they are not the same as other children. Children with attachment trauma walk like ducks and talk like ducks, but they are actually lions.  
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Our research and evidence-based programs have been shown to increase attendance, improve academic outcomes, and promote resilience in students in schools across the country. We can provide professional development to virtually or in-person!

We offer training for Teachers, School Leaders, and Special Educators in half day, full day, or multi day trainings with ongoing consultation.

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**Now offering 1-4 hour virtual live webinars on the impact of the pandemic on our students and teachers.
Strategies for building a resilient school community.**
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Read what attendees have said.....
"I just wanted to thank you for your incredibly valuable virtual seminar this morning. I will be honest, I had intentions to half-listen and get work done today, but you had my attention from beginning to end.  Thank you for your refreshing approach!" Jaimie Munson, Dupage Co. Inservice Day.

"Although I found all of the sessions informative and helpful, Dr. Sadin's presentation resonated with me most. I found her recommendations logical and actionable.  I found the presenter's assertion compelling that we must address our own ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) in order to better serve our students who suffer from trauma. The session prompted reflection, and I am eager to apply what I have learned."

"I LOVED this presentation! This was by far the most informative presentation that I watched! It was full of interesting, useful information. I really cannot overstate how much I enjoyed this presentation and how useful it is to me."
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